Thursday, 17 February 2011


I sometimes have to agree with Dorcas Lane – and all of you who watch Larkrise to Candleford will know exactly what I am talking about -  when describing myself, I have to say I am a woman who has certain weaknesses, one of those is that I have too many collections.
I was perusing in Etsy (as you do) and found the sweetest little tin of talcum powder being offered by Mary of thelostrooms that would go just right in one of my collections and so my weakness overcame me, even though I had promised myself to be good this month and not buy anything  for myself, I found myself pressing the ADD TO CART  button and low and behold it was mine.
In my bathroom is my cabinet full of lovely pretty vanity items including bottles of perfumes from days gone by that when you lift the lid actually don't smell too good anymore but that I love.

These are nestled in amongst Victorian floral trinket pots, pots of lotions and potions and Victorian trade cards.

I have the excuse that this collection does not take up too much room - only one cabinet - but I really don't know that I believe that as I know eventually it will spill over, in fact what I have not shown you is that there is actually some more floral china sitting on the top of the cabinet..... as I say collecting is my biggest weakness.


  1. I love vintage Avon talc bowls and bought an unopened on from ebay! You have a lovely collection and I am quite jealous!

    I have to admit using Dorcas's name in vain quite often of late - bloody Royal mail, it wouldn't happen in Dorcas's day! LOL!

  2. i think its great to have a collecton of something and yours is lovely and the memories it brings to you is even better, deex

  3. I decided that the trouble is, as soon as we have 2 or 3 of something that we love, we call it "a collection" and then of course a collection always needs a little addition here and there doesn't it?

    I now just refer to it as "stock in hand" and I "just displayed it for a photo call" whilst I'm waiting to price it.
    Huh! who'd believe that!!

    Have a lovely weekend

  4. Oh I like it - now then I wonder if hubby will swallow that one - darling!!!!

  5. I love your collections Deb,this little lot look lovely grouped together.I am sure the few little gaps won't last long knowing you !
    Ann x

  6. Its a virgo thing.. we need more to add to our collections so we can spend longer re arranging them only to put them back where they were in the first place,
    love Carol x

  7. Such lovely vintage pretties you have on your bathroom shelf, that tin of talc is a perfect addition :) xxx

  8. I'm just as bad Debbie - can't stop myself!


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