Sunday, 23 August 2009


Whilst in Kent I did a little bit of a rummaging. I managed to get to some charity shops and hubby was very good screeching to a halt when he saw the odd antique shop along the way.
Managed to pick up some little bits and pieces which included two little Victorian cups and a shaving mug covered in violets.

As we were passing through a village came across this most marvellous little antique shop which was filled from top to bottom with wonderful items. It was the sort of place I could have spent hours in but unfortunately non-one else but me wanted to stop so it had to be a flying visit. Picked up another little Victorian paper mache pot with a sweet picture of a child on its lid and the prize had to be a child’s Lloyd Loom chair covered in original 1930’s material, very grubby and a little worse for wear but super none the less.

Got the chair home with the intention of cleaning it up to take to the fair in November but as you can see a certain little man came to visit Nanny and took a liking to it. In case you are interested the wonderful little cushion with vintage style spacemen on that I have on the chair was made by Lindsey of Elsie Sparrow who will be having a stall at the November fair. I am going to put it by for the little man for Christmas.


  1. Cute Chair Deb and even cuter little boy !
    Ann x

  2. That chair is a great find!!
    Love the cushion, very cute, must go look for the link, I'm sure its in Ann's sidebar...
    ..your Grandson is JUST the CUTEST though!!
    He obviously has good tatse like his Nanny!!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my post, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that the Losing things happens too...I swear we have some kind of imp in the house as I do it with tools too...I put a pair of scissors down and then go to pick them up and spend the next 30 minutes looking for them!! GRR!!!

    Annie xx


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