Thursday, 27 August 2009


I always thought that the old Hovis advert where the boy freewheels on his bicycle down a really steep hill was set up north. Imagine my surprise to find it is in Shaftsbury way down south....
Hubby had a site visit to do in Shaftsbury and I went along to keep him company as it is almost three hours from where we live and we decided to take a trip into Shaftsbury to have a coffee before heading back home.  When we got there we came across the HOVIS HILL....  I did not have a bike and so I had to rely on good old shanksies pony to get me down there.  What was all the fuss about that was easy enough I thought.  Then I turned around and saw the steep incline up ...

It is one of the prettiest places I have visted in a long while and the cottages on Gold Hill are just so quaint and picturesque.  Could not help falling in love with the street, mind you I would hate to have to get up and down there especially after a few glasses of wine.
I also hit lucky as it was flea market day at the town hall and managed to pick up a pretty jug and a "mother" brooch there.   On my way in I had spied a little shop that looked interesting and walked back to it only to discover another little Aladdin's cave of treasures.  I picked up some old lace and a bag of vintage sewing bits and pieces all for the princly sum of £2.00.  I also found some more bits for the fair.  A 1930's gardening book for my sister and the cutest pair of plush black and white dogs - one wearing a bowler hat and one with a bone in his mouth.  Will have trouble parting with them.


  1. Love the little dogs and the cottages look so pretty they look like something from a film set.
    Ann x

  2. Hey Hunny!! Happy Birthday!! You're my birthday buddy xx
    I'm in denial today. I'm telling everyone I'm 21 today..actually +10yrs and that would be the truth!!
    Hope you had a great meal out hun x
    Annie x

  3. If only I'd known! I popped in to the flea market the other day - might even have seen you! And you must have driven within 300 yards of Dairy House. It would have been lovely to meet you!



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