Sunday, 2 October 2011


Like most people we decided to make the most of this lovely Indian Summer weather and take ourselves off to Stowe Gardens owned by the National Trust. 

The garden's are fully of Roman style follies and every where you turn there are great vistas with the follies sitting at the end of them, very clever landscaping.

I will just let the photo's speak for themselves.

I cannot ever remember kicking through leaves in my sandals before!!!
Even though the trees are still very green I found colour in the berries around the gardens.

I just hope this good weather holds for a little while longer yet as I have got lots of things I still want to do and my garden really does need me to turn my attention to it ready to put it to bed for this year.


  1. yes, Stowe is a magical place...I can't believe the weather you are having.

  2. Lovely pictures Debbie, what a beautiful place, I could just go for a swim in that water. Looking forward to seeing you both in Olney.
    Jo xx

  3. oh wow! Fabulous photos! Isn't the weather amazing xx

  4. I have always wanted to visit Stowe, so, thank you for these gorgeous atmospheric views: it really does look idyllic.


  5. Lovely pics Debbie, I was lucky enough to grow up close to Stowe and spent most Sundays walking or horse riding around it- most put out when I had to start paying to go in !Hope you have a good day at Olney Linda xx


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