Monday, 27 June 2011


I just thought you might like to see some of the items that came back with me from the US this year.

Packing to come home for me is always a work of art, hubby always tells me that I have bought too much and I am not going to get it all in somehow I always manage to pack it all in and shut it up. Mind you poor old hubby was moaning like crazy at the weight and insisted I reduce each suitcase’s weight by around 5 kilos each, so out went his PJ’s, out went his toiletries, his wet flannel which weighed quite a bit, and I insisted he wear his coat even though it had been up in the 90’s... but I think you will agree with me that it was worth it.

Some of the bits are to go into the booth, some are for the fair at Olney and some (in actual fact lots) are now sitting on my shelves and in my collections.

Cute little velveteen rabbit  found by hubby which still has its original working squeeker to go in the baby section along with these two baby pictures which I could not resist

This vintage patchwork eiderdown I found at a flea market and it is just waiting to be completed by someone.  It is lovingly put together just needs it's wadding and backing.  I did not mind as I would not have got it home otherwise.
I always buy tins as I can use them to put things into and I had believe it or not 16 tins... but this is my favourite the art deco design is just adorable and there is minimum damage to the paint and so this will be coming to Olney with me along with these two art deco party booklets – again the graphics and the colours just jump out at you
The lady that was selling the rabbit also had some wonderful ephemera and I could not resist these boxes as I think they will look great displayed.
This is just a small taster of the things I will be bringing with me to the fair, I have loads of ephemera, some beautiful brooches and more of those tins that I talked about also a lot of items are already in the booth at Brackley Antiques Cellar.  Hopefully this will wet your appetite and you will come and pay me a visit and say hello at the fair.


  1. How cute is mr rabbit! And the tin looks like the ones Amy collects, will have to have a closer look!

  2. Nice to have you home, Debs! As Annie says, Mr Rabbit is very cute!
    And the Deco artwork...the colours are wonderful.
    Are you going to the BBQ at Wonderful PTS on Sunday?
    Z xx

  3. ha- your USA luggage bears a striking resemblance to mine! Always please to find the quilt tops because they weight so much less, and yes, Ted is always muttering about suitcase weight too!

    Lovely lovely things, you couldn't POSSIBLY have left them behind!

  4. Oh, your rabbit is gorgeous! I love the way you ditched some luggage - priceless!

  5. The rabbit and baby pics are just so cute! I wouldn't have resisted!


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