Thursday, 19 May 2011


I got home from work today and looked in my mail box and there inside was nestling a little packet.  I quickly ripped it open to find that a new friend that I had made when I sold her some of my goodies on Etsy had taken the time to make me a  wonderful wooden hanging heart and and an amusing ATC (Artist Trading Card) together with a set of really useable rubber stamps.

Firstly the heart, the theme was kindred spirits and the funny thing is the more we spoke the more things we had in common - her name is Deb so is mine, her second name is Jean - so is mine, we are both in the caring profession and we both love altered art - that is just for starters. 

We have the same sense of humour and the card really made me chuckle

What can I say Deb you made my day, no actually my week, thank you so much my kindred spirit.

It was made even more special as I had an accident last weekend and stopped the concrete floor with my face, pushing two of my capped teeth right back into my mouth, giving my top lip a trout pout and  leaving my face looking like I had walked into Mike Tyson's fist.   All for a bottle of wine which I had forgotton to pick up on my way out to visit family.  All that and not a drop had passed my lips, after the fall not a drop could pass my lips as they were too darn swollen....

Anyway for those of you I wil be seeing Saturday at the fair if I am looking a little worse for wear you know the reason why - and I am not adverse to a bit of tea and sympathy.


  1. OOh poor you, your face sounds loke it took a real good beating!

    I love ATC's, the heart is gorgeous, glad it cheered you up! See you saturday xx

  2. OW! OW! and OW!
    I'll bring sympathy and a straw on Saturday!
    (I don't drink tea!)
    Z xx

  3. Debbie it hurts just to think about it. I fall all the time. I don't know why, I'm so graceful! I hope you're doing all right.
    Your friend, Deb

  4. Hi Debbie! Ouch! I hope you're feeling better. SueXXX


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