Thursday, 20 January 2011


Went to Brackley at the weekend and spent a good couple of hours tidying up the booth and moving items around after the Christmas period.  Took home the last of the Christmas themed bits and generally titivated for a while.  A flick with the feather duster here and a flick there, move this here, move it there, move it back again you know the thing.  It really is a curse being a Virgo as nothing is ever quite right, but when I had finally finished I felt satisfied with how it was looking.
Anyone for tea.
Whilst I have been out and about I have managed to find some nice items for myself - two of which had hidden surprises for me when I took the time to look at them.

Firstly I found this wonderful old glass Pear's storage jar - it has original thick glass.  Funny thing is I was looking at buying something like this before Christmas to put my vintage baubles in and only found new ones at around £40.00 so gave it up as a bad job.

I was so keen to snap it up before someone else that I literally ran with it to the counter and plopped it down - job done.  When I got it home I turned it around and low and behold....
what a fantastic label which had been preserved becuase it was on the inside of the jar and had not faded.

My second find was a childs book, I collect children's illustrators and one of my favourites is Honor C. Appleton, I really liked the cover on this book and so popped it on the counter along with jar.  When I got home I took a closer look and low and behold the illustrator was no other than Honor herself - and I only paid £1.00.

How sweet are these.

My thrid find was a childs cup and saucer in a charity shop in Essex - I had been out hunting for the booth and found this little cup and saucer.  When I turned it around it also had this little illustration which I love
Needless to say this has joined my collection of children's china - and whilst I am on the subject a mug I found on Ebay also warrants a little mention.

My mother-in-law is called Joan and she used to skip in the street as a child and so I could not resist a bid on this.
All in all a fruitfull couple of days.


  1. Wow! that jar is an amazing find, no wonder you were so chuffed! I spotted a lovely pair of praying children - bookends I think, they are gorgeous x

  2. Lovely stuff! Your booth is looking good,I live with a virgo so know how it is!Linda xx

  3. your booth looks fab and I love love love the Pears jar x

  4. Goodness how many lovely things to fit into one blog post ;-)) Love the jar what a great find. Old books are so special enjoy it. Your stall is looking amazing to. Dee x

  5. Love the Pears jar Deb, what a great find.
    Ann x

  6. Love the pears jar. I recently bought one of their soaps, forgot how lovely they are! x


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